This video was created by Edward Platero and company, for the opening of the 2016 Jack Richardson London Music Awards. It features some of London's talented musicians coming together in unity to sing Bob Marley's classic, Three Little Birds.  Shot in and around London in a few short days, it is a heart-felt and joyous expression of life in London.

At Peter Mullins Realty/Brokerage, we strive to develop client partnerships that build toward successful, thriving businesses, benefiting both client and community. We are determined to find the perfect location and professional space for your business, contributing to your success. And whether you've grown or are ready to move on, we have the knowledge and experience to find the next tenant or buyer for your property.

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When you invest or lease a property in Downtown London, there are a number of advantages. For a full discussion on available incentives and programs, please contact Kathy McLaughin at

Old East Village, in central London, has become a growing and vibrant community of shops, amenities and residential opportunities . For information please contact Jenn Pistorias at the The Old East Village, Business Improvement Area And please read the Old East Village Development Plan