619 dundas street, london, Ontario


17) BDC (17)
a) Permitted Uses:
i) Any use permitted in the BDC1 and BDC2 Zone variations;
ii) Dwelling units, emergency care establishments, lodging house class 2 units and accessory dwelling units may only be permitted in the rear portion of the ground floor or on the second floor or above, with any or all of the other permitted uses in the front portion of the ground floor;
iii) Theatres

b) Prohibited Uses:
i) Commercial parking lots and structures and accessory parking lots fronting on Dundas Street, and within 15 metres of Dundas Street;
ii) Uses with drive-through facilities.
c) Regulations:
i) Front and Exterior 0.0 metres
Side Yard Depth (Maximum):
ii) Interior Side Yard 2.0 metres
Depth (6.5 feet) (Maximum):
iii) Building Height 12.0 metres (Maximum): (39.4 feet) 
iv) Parking: Notwithstanding the requirements in Section 4.19, within Parking Standard Area 1 no parking shall be required for residential development.  (Z.-1-041292)