SALE: $5,100,000.00

In late August 2017 London City Council voted to approve the rezoning and redevelopment of a key Downtown site at 150 Dundas Street. The site runs 183 feet between Carling and Dundas Streets, just west of the historic hub of Downtown at Dundas and Richmond and extends across 80 feet of frontage to create a rectangular parcel, now rezoned to allow the construction of a twenty seven storey tower and the creation of 200 two bedroom residential units, above a three storey mixed use podium of office and retail.

This site is now available for purchase and redevelopment.

150 Dundas Proposal.JPG

Please note, the zoning attaches to the site which has been approved for the construction of the building shown herein; City approval will be required for any substantial deviation from the approved structure.  ZONING: DA1 



The site at 150 Dundas is in the heart of Downtown London, steps away from the Fanshawe College Downtown Campus (Fanshawe Downtown) and overlooking the historic heart of the City Core, the Dundas and Richmond intersection.


Demographically, the Downtown is home not only to students of all ages (UWO Continuing Education makes it home at Citi Plaza, UWO) but also London’s emerging technology sector (London’s Tech Alliance) and a growing resident population, not to mention a daily influx of 55,000 office, service and retail workers who come to the Core each morning.

While the original intention of the site was to create student housing, the end use of the building can be modified to more closely suit market trends and the potential for CMHC support for the development of affordable housing, (CMHC). There are two new residential towers coming to market this year which are condominium developments aimed at empty nesters and young professionals, which may suggest an opportunity for the development that creates the first rung on the property ladder for those that would like to live and work in the Core.